Cheryl said...

wow... I like Rockaway Beach!

velvet brick said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you for stopping by today - I agree about what one could do with the colors! Actually, I did a very small tweek of the colors in PS, but didn't want to stray too far from the sooc shot. I am only beginning to realize that 'everyone' seems to punch up the color on their photos with PS.... may I ask...do you?? I guess I thought that was a form of 'cheating' and yet, I'm just realizing that it is more of an 'enhancement' and really makes such a difference in the quality of the photo. I guess I'm might be the last one to get on board the train, huh?? I am always in awe of your photos...I just can't get over what you are able to capture with your camera! Truly! Thank you for sharing your part of the world with me! : )

rachel said...

...yes, I tweak the contrast on some-especially if taken between the not-so-great-hours of 10AM and 3PM. I usually try to avoid those hours. Sometimes, I have my daughter stand somewhere around the object being photographed to avoid the fading direct sunlight. The last few beach ones were taken as is because it was nicely overcast that day-:oD Thanks for your comments!